Gail Steiger  
  Gail Steiger is just an Arizona cowpuncher who has been lucky enough to travel to many parts of the world. He wants to share what he has experienced with folks through video and song and any other way he can.    

  Welcome.  Pull up a chair. 

  Gail has traveled to Mongolia, Argentina, France, Brazil, Spain, Hungary, and Afghanistan.  Lucky for us, he took a video camera (and sometimes a guitar) with him.  He runs a ranch west of Prescott, Arizona, and writes songs about the real world where he lives and works.  He often recites work written by his grandfather, Gail Gardner, and his grandmother's poem, "Hail and Farewell."  Gail and his brother Lew make documentary films as well, one of which, Ranch Album, was nationally released on PBS.

  Listen to Gail on A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor.  24 hours after the show, Gail said,
Boy did I ever have a "peak experience" last night! Got to meet Garrison Keiller and hang out with the Prairie Home Companion crew for their show in Tempe, AZ. What a great chance to see a guy who is really working with the angels in action! I can't find big enough words to thank my lucky stars both for the opportunity and for the love and support from friends and family throughout. Thank you, thank you, thank you ...

  E-mail Gail with your comments and requests:

We are aware that amazon and cd baby are out of Romance of Western Life.  WE are working on an Amazon artists page---coming soon.  Stay tuned.

Coming soon:  Gail is recording a live album to be released in the spring of 2013.  The album will include the stories behind all of your favorite songs as well as some new songs he has written and even some covers. All of the warmth and humor of Gail in person will come through in this recording.  E-mail us at to put your name on the list.  We will contact you when the cd is available.  

photo of Gail and companions by Kathy McCraine


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